2013 news announcements

NERC welcomes the UK's strategy for agricultural technologies

NERC welcomes the publication of the UK's strategy for agricultural technologies which was launched yesterday.

23 Jul 2013

Ground-breaking agri-science research showcased in new timeline

NERC and other research council investments in agri-science are showcased in a new timeline, published by RCUK to coincide with the government's agricultural technologies industrial strategy.

23 Jul 2013

Loss of African woodland may impact on climate, study reveals

Deforestation in parts of Africa could be reversed with changes to land use, a NERC-funded study suggests.

22 Jul 2013

Scientists discover new variability in iron supply to the oceans, with climate implications

The supply of dissolved iron to oceans around continental shelves has been found to be more variable by region than previously believed - with implications for future climate prediction.

19 Jul 2013

Bees under threat from bumblebee imports

Scientists call for stricter controls over bumblebee imports after research, part-funded by NERC, finds parasites in over three-quarters of imported colonies. 

18 Jul 2013

Fossil shows fish had sucker on its back

A 30 million year-old fossil has revealed how remoras - also called sharksuckers - evolved the sucker that enables them to stick to other fishes and 'hitch a ride'. 

17 Jul 2013

Latest research defines values which determine public acceptance of energy system change

The values and factors that influence people's decisions about whether to accept or reject changes to the energy system are revealed in a report published today.

16 Jul 2013

Manure was used by Europe's first farmers 8,000 years ago

A new study, funded by NERC, says Europe's first farmers used far more sophisticated practices than previously thought.

16 Jul 2013

Pentland Firth turbines could generate almost half of Scotland's electricity

Tidal turbines stretched across Pentland Firth, which separates the Orkney Islands from mainland Scotland, could generate up to 1·9 gigawatts of power.

10 Jul 2013

Greenland ice sheet contribution to sea level will increase over next 200 years

The contribution of the Greenland ice sheet to sea-level rise will continue to increase over the next 200 years, say researchers.

10 Jul 2013