2013 news announcements

New web tool improves rapid ash cloud forecasts

A new web tool based on NERC-funded research could pave the way for better management of airspace during volcanic crises.

16 Aug 2013

Ancient mammal relatives cast light on recovery after mass extinction

NERC supported research shows ancient mammal relatives did not evolve new features after largest mass extinction on Earth.

15 Aug 2013

Bright birds make good mothers

A NERC supported study has shown that female blue tits with brightly coloured crowns are better mothers than duller birds.

13 Aug 2013

Wildflowers sown across Bristol to encourage insect life

Scientists, part-funded by NERC, are planting flower meadows in the city's parks, playing fields and schools in an attempt to improve the diversity and abundance of pollinating insects.

13 Aug 2013

Global investigation reveals true scale of ocean warming

New study with NERC's delivery partner, SAMS finds the world's marine systems are reacting to climate change more strongly than previously thought.

5 Aug 2013

'Insect soup' holds DNA key for monitoring biodiversity

New research, part-funded by NERC, shows how crushed insects can accelerate the monitoring and cataloguing of biodiversity.

5 Aug 2013

Bacteria hold the clues to trade-offs in financial investments and evolution

Scientists have found that bacteria have the potential to teach valuable investment lessons.

1 Aug 2013

Shifting patterns of temperature volatility in the climate system

Large parts of Europe and North America have experienced bigger swings in yearly temperatures in recent decades, according to a new study part-funded by NERC.

25 Jul 2013

Study reveals brown trout's tolerance to heavily polluted water

Scientists part-funded by NERC have found that brown trout can survive in the contaminated waters of the River Hayle in Cornwall.

24 Jul 2013

British forests still feel the impact of the 1976 drought

The drought caused by the blazing summer of 1976 caused permanent changes to British forests that are still evident today, researchers part-funded by NERC have discovered.

24 Jul 2013