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11. Do volcanoes trigger climate change?

Huge volcanic eruptions may have pushed the climate from global warming to global cooling 16 million years ago. Ancient history, you might think - but the theory could be vital for efforts to slow climate change by fertilising plankton in the ocean. Sev Kender, Victoria Peck and John Smellie explain.

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12. Monitoring Montserrat's volcano - Past, present and future

Since 1995, British Geological Survey researchers have been monitoring an explosive volcano on the Caribbean island of Montserrat.

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13. Podcast: Watching volcanoes

Predicting when a volcano will blow has to be one of the holy grails of geology. Geologists have got much better at this than they used to be by constantly monitoring active volcanoes and studying ancient ones to figure out how they work.

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14. Sinking feeling

A violent, explosive volcano is recharging its system after a 28,000-year break. Bob White travelled to New Zealand to take a peek beneath the surface.

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