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1. Under the faultlines

As part of a series of interviews with new NERC Independent Research Fellows, Craig Magee tells us about the portability of being a fellow and why he's going underground to uncover the science behind volcanic eruptions.

Tags: Earth observation, Earthquakes, Geology, Hazards, Volcanoes
2. Every land volcano on Earth to be monitored from space

Data from two European Space Station Sentinel satellites that routinely map the planet's surface will be used to monitor volcanoes.

Tags: Earth observation, Hazards, Space, Volcanoes
3. Air pollution from Icelandic volcanoes

In September 2014, a huge volcanic eruption in Iceland emitted up to nine times as much sulfur dioxide per day as all European industry combined.

Tags: Atmosphere, Pollution, Volcanoes
4. Earthquakes and eruptions in Iceland

Geoscientists at the University of Cambridge are uncovering how volcanic activity in Iceland causes earthquakes.

Tags: Volcanoes, Earthquakes, Geology, Hazards
5. Communicating volcano risk

Researchers have created films aimed at reducing volcanic risk in societies threatened by eruptions.

Tags: Geology, Hazards, Volcanoes
6. Pumice models could help protect shipping

Scientists have used a computer model of ocean circulation to predict the movement of the rafts of floating pumice given off by an erupting underwater volcano.

Tags: Hazards, Oceans, Volcanoes
7. Science without borders

It's not every day you get invited into one of the world's most secretive states. But that's precisely what happened to seismologist Dr James Hammond. Alex Peel spoke to him about what it's like to work on the Earth's most enigmatic volcano.

Tags: Earthquakes, Hazards, UK, Volcanoes
8. Online tool boosts ash cloud forecasts

A new online tool for predicting the amount of ash pumped into the atmosphere during a volcanic eruption has been made openly available to scientists around the world.

Tags: Atmosphere, Hazards, UK, Volcanoes
9. Super-eruptions - Not quite so super?

It turns out that one of the deadliest hazards the Earth can throw at us may happen more often than we thought. Darren Mark and Ben Ellis report on how their work in Yellowstone could radically change our understanding of these events, with implications not just for those living nearby but also for the global climate.

Tags: Geology, Hazards, Volcanoes
10. No place like home

Being part of the most remote population on Earth should protect you from the chaos and disruption some light volcanic ashing brings to our crowded European countries. Far from it. Anna Hicks explains how her research is bringing us closer to understanding the risks that go with living in the shadow of one of nature's deadliest forces.

Tags: Geology, Hazards, Volcanoes

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