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1. UK's most wanted...

You've probably heard of the harlequin ladybird and you've certainly seen a grey squirrel, but what about others that might be on their way?

Tags: Animals, Biodiversity, Conservation, Ecology, Environmental change, Invasive species
2. Biodiversity detectives!

Take a look at some of the amazing techniques scientists use to follow nature's clues.

Tags: Animals, Biodiversity, Conservation, Earth observation, Forests, Invasive species, Mapping, Marine life
3. Successful disease elimination offers hope for amphibians

Scientists have reported one of the first big wins in the fight against an invasive fungal disease.

Tags: Animals, Disease, Fungi, Invasive species
4. Invasive 'super ant' species taking hold in the UK

An invasion of Asian 'super ants' is taking hold faster than ever in the UK, new research has found.

Tags: Biodiversity, Ecology, Insects, Invasive species
5. The future of tree health

Ancient mainstays of our woodlands, hedgerows and parklands are at risk from a surge of pests and diseases - but a new research programme is bringing experts together from many fields to find solutions.

Tags: Biodiversity, Biology, Conservation, Ecology, Forests, Genetics, Hazards, Invasive species, Plants, UK
6. Climate change exacerbates European hay fever risk

The highly allergenic plant ragweed is set to become more widespread throughout Northern Europe as the climate changes, according to a new study.

Tags: Biology, Climate, Ecology, Farming, Hazards, Health, Invasive species, UK
7. Red squirrels show signs of resistance

A small group of survivors has offered red squirrels a glimmer of hope in their on-going battle with squirrelpox.

Tags: Animals, Ecology, Invasive species, UK
8. Podcast: Rhododendrons and sudden oak death

This week in the Planet Earth podcast, Bethan Purse from NERC's Centre for Ecology & Hydrology, and Matt Elliott and Colin Edwards from the Forestry Commission, talk about a new map that could help control the spread of sudden oak death, a disease that threatens trees and plants like oak, beech, larch and bilberry.

Tags: Conservation, Ecology, Forests, Fungi, Invasive species, Mapping, Plants, Podcasts, Soils, UK
9. Rhododendron model illuminates tree disease threat

A new map of the places in Scotland that offer good habitats for one of the most invasive kinds of rhododendron may help control the spread of Sudden Oak Death, a disease that threatens trees and plants like oak, beech, larch and bilberry.

Tags: Biodiversity, Conservation, Disease, Ecology, Hazards, Invasive species, Plants
10. Life thrives in the fast lane

Cars could have a greater impact on kerb-dwelling plant life than previously thought, say scientists.

Tags: Biodiversity, Conservation, Ecology, Invasive species, Plants

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