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11. Peatlands of the western Amazon

Recent investigations in western Amazonia have revealed vast peatlands, up to 8m thick in places. Because they are so remote, we know little about them compared to peatlands in the northern hemisphere. Tom Kelly and Freddie Draper explain how their work will help us understand these ecosystems and revel how big they really are.

Tags: Atmosphere, Climate, Ecology, Environmental change, Forests, Rivers and lakes, Soils
12. Drought leaches carbon from Amazon

A drought in 2010 caused the Amazon basin to release more carbon into the atmosphere than it took in, new research has revealed.

Tags: Atmosphere, Climate, Ecology, Environmental change, Forests, Weather
13. Podcast: Genetic progress in saving ash trees

This week in the Planet Earth podcast, Richard Buggs and Lizzy Sollars of Queen Mary University of London describe the latest UK efforts to breed ash trees that are resistant to the dieback disease that's currently ravaging East Anglia and the south east of England.

Tags: Conservation, Disease, Forests, Fungi, Genetics, Podcasts, UK
14. Podcast: Rhododendrons and sudden oak death

This week in the Planet Earth podcast, Bethan Purse from NERC's Centre for Ecology & Hydrology, and Matt Elliott and Colin Edwards from the Forestry Commission, talk about a new map that could help control the spread of sudden oak death, a disease that threatens trees and plants like oak, beech, larch and bilberry.

Tags: Conservation, Ecology, Forests, Fungi, Invasive species, Mapping, Plants, Podcasts, Soils, UK
15. The last stand?

Few people will have missed the news that Britain's 80 million ash trees are under threat from an apparently unstoppable fungal disease, Chalara. But there is a glimmer of hope. Richard Hollingham talks to Richard Buggs from Queen Mary University of London, and Jo Clark, from the Earth Trust.

Tags: Adaptation and mitigation, Biodiversity, Biology, Disease, Forests, Genetics, Plants
16. Drought does long-term damage to rainforest

Recent droughts in the Amazon rainforest have effects that persist long after the rains have returned, a new study has shown.

Tags: Climate, Earth observation, Ecology, Environmental change, Forests, Hazards, Water
17. Peatland forest destruction raises climate concern

The destruction of tropical peatland forests is causing them to haemorrhage carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, scientists say.

Tags: Atmosphere, Climate, Conservation, Ecology, Environmental change, Forests, Natural resources, Plants, Rivers and lakes, Sustainability, Water
18. Can money grow on trees?
Tags: Biodiversity, Conservation, Ecology, Forests, Health, Poverty
19. Scientists identify essential wildcat habitat

Woodlands and grasslands that support rabbits and small rodents should be protected if we are to save the wildcat, say scientists.

Tags: Animals, Biodiversity, Biology, Conservation, Ecology, Forests, UK
20. New genetics project could help save the ash tree

Scientists plan to decode the ash tree's entire genetic sequence in the hope of stopping Britain's trees from being completely devastated by the Chalara ash dieback fungal disease.

Tags: Biodiversity, Biology, Disease, Forests, Genetics, UK

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