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11. Ship noise puts fish in danger

Noise made by passing ships stops eels from using their survival instincts, say NERC-supported scientists investigating the effects of man-made noise on fish.

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12. Anti-depressants disrupt fish's brains

Drugs designed to ease the symptoms of mental health problems such as depression, obsessive compulsive disorder and post-traumatic stress can have major disruptive effects on aquatic animals' brains, say scientists.

Tags: Animals, Biology, Ecology, Fish, Genetics, Hazards, Health, Rivers and lakes
13. Podcast: Reducing the effects of fish farms

This week in the Planet Earth podcast, Kenny Black and Jo Gosling of the Scottish Association for Marine Science describe the work they're doing to make fish farming sustainable.

Tags: Fish, Marine life, Natural resources, Podcasts, Sustainability, UK
14. New genetic test shows up fish mislabelling

Scientists have found a new way of testing for the genes of particular kinds of fish quickly, cheaply and accurately.

Tags: Conservation, Environmental change, Fish, Genetics, Natural resources, Oceans
15. Plastic found in British fish

Scientists have found tiny fragments of plastic in the digestive systems of fish pulled from the English Channel.

Tags: Conservation, Ecology, Fish, Marine life, Microplastics, Oceans, Pollution, UK, Water
16. Farmers bid to reduce river pollution and encourage wildlife

Cornish farmers are benefitting from improvements to their farms that will also cut pollution levels in the River Fowey, which originates high on Bodmin Moor and runs for about 30 miles until it reaches the sea.

Tags: Biodiversity, Ecology, Farming, Fish, Natural resources, Pollution, Rivers and lakes, Sustainability, Water
17. First incidence of skin cancer found in fish

UK-led researchers have identified skin cancer in a wild fish population for the first time.

Tags: Biology, Environmental change, Fish, Natural resources
18. Tackling seafood fraud - Fisheries forensics

Media attention to mislabelled seafood is helping bring the scale of illegal and unregulated fishing to consumers' attention. Gary Carvalho and Stefano Mariani explain how genetic tools can promote sustainability and make sure the fish we buy is what it says on the label.

Tags: Fish, Food, Marine life, Natural resources, Oceans, Sustainability
19. Europe still has a rich reservoir of unknown species

You could be forgiven for thinking that all of Europe's plants and animals were discovered, documented and named a long time ago. But it turns out that nothing could be further from the truth.

Tags: Animals, Biodiversity, Biology, Birds, Ecology, Fish, Fungi, Insects, Microbes, Plants
20. Action needed to keep fish on the menu in 2050
Tags: Biology, Farming, Fish, Food, Marine life, Natural resources, Oceans

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