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1. The rise of mammals

An asteroid strike put an end to the dinosaurs 66 million years ago, making way for mammals to thrive - that much we know. But how exactly did our ancestors go about their march to dominance? Stephen Brusatte and Sarah Shelley introduce an unassuming fossil that holds some of the answers.

Tags: Animals, Dinosaurs, Evolution, Palaeontology
2. Podcast: Walking with dinosaurs on Britain's Jurassic Coast

This week in the Planet Earth podcast, Phil Manning, Victoria Egerton and Bill Sellers of the University of Manchester are joined by local geologist Paul Ensom at the Isle of Purbeck on Britain's Jurassic Coast to talk about some dinosaur tracks recently found in the area.

Tags: Dinosaurs, Mapping, Palaeontology, Podcasts, UK
3. Podcast: Could injured dinosaurs help modern medicine?

This week in the Planet Earth podcast, Victoria Egerton, Bill Sellers and Phil Manning of the University of Manchester describe how the bones of a 72-million-year-old, 2·2m-tall 7·4m-long predatory dinosaur reveals intimate clues about how it lived and how it survived massive trauma.

Tags: Dinosaurs, Disease, Palaeontology, Podcasts
4. Protein remains revealed in ancient reptile skin

Scientists have produced the first ever images of the residues of skin proteins still left in 50 million year old fossilised reptile skin.

Tags: Dinosaurs, Geology, Palaeontology
5. High-precision sequencing of Earth's 4.567-billion-year history

Astounding new techniques let geologists date events that happened hundreds of millions of years ago to within 100,000 years. Dan Condon explains.

Tags: Dinosaurs, Environmental change, Geology, Oceans

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