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11. Groundwater: The threat beneath our feet

Groundwater is the ultimate invisible asset. Originating in rain and snowfall that works its way down into soil and rock, it supports key ecosystems and meets the water needs of millions. But it can also pose a potential flood risk.

Tags: Flooding, Geology, Hazards, Mapping, Water, Weather
12. On the road to resilience in Ethiopia

It's time to rethink roads. In the vital fields of flood prevention and water supply, they offer incredible potential to enhance and enrich the lives of some of the world's poorest people.

Tags: Farming, Hazards, Poverty, Sustainability, Water, Weather
13. Solving the mysteries of the monsoon

Scientists have just returned from a groundbreaking research campaign to understand the Indian monsoon.

Tags: Atmosphere, Weather
14. Shutting the flood gates

In 1953, more than 300 people died in the UK alone when heavy storms swept a high spring tide over sea defences and across coastal towns in north-east England and Scotland. Today floods still make headlines but our ability to limit their effects has come a long way. Adele Walker explains why.

Tags: Environmental change, Flooding, Hazards, UK, Weather
15. The science of sustainable drainage

As the floods that struck Britain in early 2014 made all too clear, heavy rain can be bad news for homes, businesses and the environment. Tom Marshall found out how the British Geological Survey is helping housebuilders control flooding while saving money.

Tags: Environmental change, Hazards, Health, Natural resources, Pollution, UK, Water, Weather
16. Podcast: Storm surges and their effect on coastal sand dunes

This week in the Planet Earth podcast, Joanna Bullard and Jonathan Millett of Loughborough University describe the work they're doing to find out how quickly sand dunes along the east coast of England recover from the erosion caused by massive storm surges - like the one that struck the UK coastline on 5 December 2013.

Tags: Adaptation and mitigation, Environmental change, Flooding, Podcasts, UK, Weather
17. Global warming to bring heavier summer downpours

Global warming could cause extreme summer downpours to become several times more frequent in the UK by 2100, a new study suggests.

Tags: Atmosphere, Climate, Flooding, Hazards, UK, Weather
18. El NiƱo threatens food crop yields

Major disruption to global weather patterns triggered by El Niño events can reduce global yields of important food crops, say scientists.

Tags: Adaptation and mitigation, Climate, Farming, Food, Hazards, Health, Weather
19. Podcast: The storms that hit southwest England

This week in the Planet Earth podcast, Gerd Masselink and Paul Russell of Plymouth University talk about the work they're doing to assess the impacts of some of the worst winter storms on record on the communities and coastlines of southwest England.

Tags: Adaptation and mitigation, Environmental change, Flooding, Podcasts, UK, Weather
20. Global warming making wet winters more likely

Wet winters are now more likely in southern England than they would be without global warming.

Tags: Atmosphere, Climate, Environmental change, UK, Weather

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