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11. A tale of two cities

How can we provide safe water for poor people living in African cities? Dan Lapworth, Jim Wright and Steve Pedley are working to find out.

Tags: Health, Natural resources, Pollution, Water
12. Working together for clear water

Nobody wants peat in their tap water, and in some situations it can even threaten people's health. Getting rid of it is costly for water companies, and a warming climate will increase the problem. The more they know about these changes, the better they'll be able to cope.

Tags: Pollution, Rivers and lakes, Soils, Water
13. The science of sustainable drainage

As the floods that struck Britain in early 2014 made all too clear, heavy rain can be bad news for homes, businesses and the environment. Tom Marshall found out how the British Geological Survey is helping housebuilders control flooding while saving money.

Tags: Environmental change, Hazards, Health, Natural resources, Pollution, UK, Water, Weather
14. Ship noise puts fish in danger

Noise made by passing ships stops eels from using their survival instincts, say NERC-supported scientists investigating the effects of man-made noise on fish.

Tags: Animals, Biology, Climate, Earth observation, Earth system, Environmental change, Fish, Hazards, Marine life, Oceans, Pollution, Technology, UK, Water
15. Mosquitoes gathering in UK gardens

Two species of mosquito, responsible for spreading malaria and West Nile virus elsewhere, are gathering in Britain's gardens, say scientists.

Tags: Biodiversity, Disease, Ecology, Hazards, Health, Insects, UK, Water
16. Podcast: Heavy rain, flooding and sinkholes

This week in the Planet Earth podcast, Tony Cooper and Vanessa Banks of NERC's British Geological Survey give us a unique insight into how sinkholes form and explain why the worst of them may be still to come.

Tags: Flooding, Geology, Hazards, Podcasts, UK, Water, Weather
17. Riding the crest of the flood wave

Getting caught in one of the biggest floods Cambodia has seen in years wasn't part of Chris Hackney's fieldwork plans - but it turned out to be a great opportunity for scientists to learn how rivers behave in extreme conditions.

Tags: Climate, Environmental change, Flooding, Hazards, Natural resources, Rivers and lakes, Water
18. Podcast: Why the River Thames faces a pollution crackdown

This week in the Planet Earth podcast, Paul Whitehead of the University of Oxford and Mark Barnett of the Environment Agency explain why the UK's River Thames will fail to meet new pollution standards unless farmers and water companies take radical action.

Tags: Podcasts, Pollution, Rivers and lakes, UK, Water
19. Fixing broken ecosystems

The world's growing population is increasing demand for resources like food and clean water - but more people means more waste, and that's having a direct impact on those resources. But all is not lost: Jags Pandhal and colleagues describe a new technique for cleaning up ecosystems that has knock-on economic benefits too.

Tags: Natural resources, Pollution, Rivers and lakes, Sustainability, Technology, Water
20. Stretching our mussels?

Shellfish could provide the UK with much more healthy, cheap food than they do at present, but concerns about pollution and its possible impact on people's health stand in the way, and environmental change could make the problem worse. Shelagh Malham and James McDonald explain how their research will help.

Tags: Food, Health, Natural resources, Pollution, Rivers and lakes, Water

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