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11. Podcast: UK flooding - Past, present and future

This week in the Planet Earth podcast, Terry Marsh and Mike Acreman from the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology talk about their work on UK flooding.

Tags: Climate, Environmental change, Flooding, Podcasts, Rivers and lakes, UK
12. Podcast: The effects of metal pollution on fish

This week in the Planet Earth podcast, Jamie Stevens and Josie Paris of the University of Exeter explain how some fish have adapted to heavily polluted rivers in southwest England.

Tags: Evolution, Fish, Podcasts, Pollution, Rivers and lakes, UK
13. Trout in hot water

Understanding the effects of climate change on ecosystems is a complex business. Eoin O'Gorman describes how trout living in geothermally-heated Icelandic streams are helping.

Tags: Animals, Biodiversity, Ecology, Environmental change, Fish, Rivers and lakes
14. Podcast: Of sewage and superbugs

This week in the Planet Earth podcast, Elizabeth Wellington and Greg Amos of the University of Warwick explain how sewage treatment could be helping spread highly drug-resistant bacteria around the environment.

Tags: Adaptation and mitigation, Disease, Evolution, Microbes, Podcasts, Pollution, Rivers and lakes
15. Abandoned landfills are polluting UK rivers

Abandoned landfill sites throughout the UK routinely leach polluting chemicals into rivers, say scientists.

Tags: Ecology, Hazards, Health, Pollution, Rivers and lakes, UK
16. Taking the environment's pulse

Long-term observation of our ecosystems is critical for us to understand environmental change. Andy Sier looks back on the contribution of 20 years of observation and research by the Environmental Change Network.

Tags: Animals, Biodiversity, Birds, Ecology, Environmental change, Insects, Rivers and lakes, UK
17. Sewage treatment contributes to antibiotic resistance

Wastewater treatment plants could be unwittingly helping to spread antibiotic resistance, say scientists.

Tags: Evolution, Health, Microbes, Pollution, Rivers and lakes, UK
18. Anti-depressants disrupt fish's brains

Drugs designed to ease the symptoms of mental health problems such as depression, obsessive compulsive disorder and post-traumatic stress can have major disruptive effects on aquatic animals' brains, say scientists.

Tags: Animals, Biology, Ecology, Fish, Genetics, Hazards, Health, Rivers and lakes
19. Podcast: Insects, sediment and climate change

This week in the Planet Earth podcast, Frazer Bird and William Gosling of The Open University explain why tiny midges are a powerful tool for telling us about past climate change, and how they can help us predict the future.

Tags: Climate, Insects, Podcasts, Rivers and lakes
20. Podcast: River pollution and its effects on birds

This week in the Planet Earth podcast, Steve Ormerod of Cardiff University and John Clark of the RSPB explain why toxic chemicals banned long ago are still causing problems for Eurasian dippers and their chicks.

Tags: Adaptation and mitigation, Birds, Podcasts, Pollution, Rivers and lakes, UK

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