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11. Recycling heat from industry could reduce carbon emissions

Capturing wasted heat and turning it into electricity could help industries to reduce carbon emissions, according to a new study.

Tags: Atmosphere, Climate, Earth observation, Earth system, Environmental change, Geology, Health, Natural resources, Pollution, UK
12. Glacier's retreat is now irreversible

Pine Island Glacier, the largest single contributor to sea-level rise in Antarctica, has started shrinking, say scientists.

Tags: Antarctic, Climate, Earth system, Environmental change, Geology, Ice, Oceans, Sea level change
13. The ground beneath our feet

Fungi are all around. Mostly you don't see them, but under the microscope earth from almost anywhere in the world contains a tangle of branching, interwoven fungal filaments called mycelia. Tom Marshall explains how NERC-funded soil science will help feed our hungry planet over the next century.

Tags: Biodiversity, Biology, Earth system, Ecology, Farming, Food, Fungi, Soils
14. The land beneath the Lakes

The carbon in soils and vegetation needs careful management if it's to stay put. But what does this mean on the ground? Tom Marshall talked to those responsible for the Lake District's landscape to find out.

Tags: Biodiversity, Climate, Conservation, Earth system, Ecology, Environmental change, Farming, Soils, UK
15. Not quite perfect

Earth is a bounteous place, home to a diverse collection of species. It seems like a perfect crucible for life, but is it? Toby Tyrrell thinks it could be better.

Tags: Animals, Biodiversity, Earth system, Ecology, Marine life
16. Rain, brains and climate change

Comparing the results of different climate models is harder than you'd think; Adam Levy describes how he's tackling the problem with techniques developed to analyse medical images.

Tags: Atmosphere, Climate, Earth system, Health
17. On the up

Antarctica is still on the rebound after shedding huge volumes of ice. Matt King and Pippa Whitehouse explain how they're tracking its slow movement, and why.

Tags: Antarctic, Earth observation, Earth system, Environmental change, Geology, Ice
18. The smoke detectors

Wildfires affect up to 20 million hectares of northern forests every year, and they don't just cause damage on the ground - the plumes of gases they release are a major source of air pollution. Sarah Moller and colleagues spent part of last summer flying over Canada to learn more about them.

Tags: Atmosphere, Climate, Earth system, Forests, Pollution

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