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Getting ready for the next big one

Is one of the world's great cities due to be struck by a serious earthquake? Ekbal Hussain describes how scientists are working to make sure Istanbul is prepared for the dangers that may be on the way.

23 Jun 2014

High-CO2 world threatens seabed life

Environmental change is transforming many parts of the north-east Atlantic seabed, and according to a newly-published paper this will almost certainly get worse in the coming decades.

20 Jun 2014

New water bear found in Antarctica

Scientists have announced the discovery of a tiny new animal in Antarctica's Victoria Land.

17 Jun 2014

Podcast: Storm surges and their effect on coastal sand dunes

This week in the Planet Earth podcast, Joanna Bullard and Jonathan Millett of Loughborough University describe the work they're doing to find out how quickly sand dunes along the east coast of England recover from the erosion caused by massive storm surges - like the one that struck the UK coastline on 5 December 2013.

10 Jun 2014

Spider venom offers pesticide hope for bees

A new pesticide, created using spider venom and natural chemicals from snowdrop plants, appears to be harmless to honeybees, a new study has concluded.

4 Jun 2014

Global warming to bring heavier summer downpours

Global warming could cause extreme summer downpours to become several times more frequent in the UK by 2100, a new study suggests.

1 Jun 2014

Mission to 'Mars'

Some scientists may dream of the chance to pursue their research on another planet. That opportunity isn't a reality just yet, but PhD student Michaela Musilova got the next best thing - a simulated mission to Mars.

30 May 2014

Podcast: Insects, sediment and climate change

This week in the Planet Earth podcast, Frazer Bird and William Gosling of The Open University explain why tiny midges are a powerful tool for telling us about past climate change, and how they can help us predict the future.

27 May 2014

Mosquitoes gathering in UK gardens

Two species of mosquito, responsible for spreading malaria and West Nile virus elsewhere, are gathering in Britain's gardens, say scientists.

21 May 2014

Antarctic ice loss has doubled

The Antarctic ice sheet has lost ice twice as quickly in the past three years as when it was last surveyed between 2005 and 2010, say scientists.

19 May 2014