Flood research by numbers

19 October 2018 by Sylvie Kruiniger

NERC flood science saves lives, homes and businesses. Here are a few fast facts on some of our successes.


How long NERC-funded scientists have been researching UK sea levels, river basins, storm surges, aquifers and surface flows

Around £58m

NERC invests each year in flood research in the UK and internationally


Homes flooded in summer 2007 in the UK


Homes flooded in winter 2013-14 - even though the floods were more severe than 2007, 50,000 were protected thanks to better forecasting systems


The amount saved in insurance payouts for winter 2013-14 compared with summer 2007


We can now predict certain types of floods further in advance

Up to £127m

Earlier warnings protect farmland and infrastructure, benefitting the UK by millions each year

Woman and child
1.25m people

NERC tide and storm-surge information used by the Thames Barrier protects people on the London floodplain, along with £200bn of property

28 times

The Thames Barrier was closed an unprecedented number of times between 6 December 2013 and 12 February 2014


Saved each day in lost working thanks to the Thames Barrier

Find out more about these facts, and other NERC science successes, in our Impact Reports.