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Engaging the public with your research

Engaging the public booklet coverA few decades ago, very few scientists popped out of their ivory towers to tell the world at large what they were doing. People who did risked being looked down on as trivialisers of their precious specialism. Now the tide has turned, and hitting the headlines with your latest discovery or appearing on late night chat shows is all the rage.

A major driver of this change is that funding bodies such as NERC require you to communicate your findings to a wide audience. And a large chunk of the public seems to be interested - opinion surveys show that about 80% of British adults are moderately or very interested in new scientific discoveries. Public interest in recent issues with a strong scientific background - climate change, bird flu, risks associated with genetically modified organisms - underline this point.

This publication looks at how to tell the non-specialist about your research.

Engaging the public with your research (PDF, 1.1MB)

Science into policy

Science into policy booklet coverThis booklet is to help NERC staff and NERC-funded scientists to:

  1. recognise the relevance of science to policymakers
  2. identify available opportunities, routes and best practice to influence policy-making
  3. communicate science in an appropriate and accessible way, to the right policymakers, showing how it fits their policy needs.

The booklet explains key aspects of the UK policymaking process and gives links to some important information sources.

Case studies from the impact of environmental research are used throughout the booklet to illustrate good practice in science-to-policy. The booklet also indicates where to find help within NERC and gives information on training.

Science into policy (PDF, 1.4MB)

To order a paper copy of this publication, please email . Our policy is normally to send only one copy to each address.

Most Wanted II - Postgraduate & Professional Skills Needs in the Environment Sector

Most Wanted II report coverDesigned to help guide students when making career choices, and to highlight priority areas for investment, this report identifies essential environmental science skills.

The information is based on a wide-reaching review (carried out 2008-10 and updated in 2012) which identified 224 skills needed by businesses, government and academics working on issues connected with the natural environment. Fifteen of these were identified as being in short supply.

'Most Wanted II' summary report (PDF, 11MB)