Update to 20/21 NERC Marine Facilities Programme in response to COVID-19

12 June 2020

In April 2020, NERC’s Cruise Programme Executive Board (CPEB) suspended the published 2020/21 Marine Facilities Programme (MFP) in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Following a thorough evaluation of the seagoing operating environments and all of the associated risks, in June 2020 CPEB considered and approved a new ‘recovery’ 2020/21 MFP which NMF will now work to deliver in conjunction with the nominated Chief Scientists.

Delivery of this new recovery 2020/21 MFP will be dependent on the ability to undertake seagoing operations as planned, amidst the changing COVID-19 environment. Each planned activity will be continuously assessed in the lead up to and throughout delivery, with the safety of all seagoing and shore-based personnel the primary focus, and further amendments to the MFP may be required in the future. Discussions with all stakeholders regarding the 2021/22 MFP will start as soon as possible.

Full details can be viewed on the UKRI website.