Top woman scientist appointed to key role as chair of NERC Science & Innovation Strategy Board

20 March 2015

NERC is delighted to announce that Professor Angela Hatton will be the new chair for its Science & Innovation Strategy Board (SISB).

SISB is the key source of advice to NERC Council on science matters and is responsible for developing NERC's integrated science strategy. It advises on the balance of the science portfolio and the strategic priority of new programmes and initiatives.

Professor Angela Hatton is associate director for research and a professor of marine biogeochemistry at the Scottish Association for Marine Science (SAMS). She is currently a member of the National Oceanography Centre Association steering board and NERC peer review college Pool of Chairs. She has been awarded two NERC fellowships, a Challenger fellowship and is an elected Fellow of the Society of Biology. Professor Hatton's research interests focus on microbial biogeochemical processes and their impact on climate and marine ecosystem function, with a specific interest in marine biogas production.

In the past, Professor Hatton has been a member of the NERC peer review college, Ocean Acidification Programme advisory group, Challenger Society Council, Surface Ocean Lower Atmosphere Study (SOLAS) steering committee and the Quantifying and Understanding the Earth System (QUEST) programme integration team. In addition she is an EU expert evaluator, has run the Dynamic Oceans research theme at SAMS and has contributed to 17 peer review moderating panels, including as chair. She has been a member of SISB since 2013.

Commenting on her appointment, Professor Hatton said :

"Over the coming decades, the UK and the world face serious challenges in resources, hazards, and environmental change. NERC's investment in environmental science can help to ensure that we are fit to meet these challenges, but in order to do so it will need to prioritise its investments effectively. I'm delighted to be able to take up the challenge of helping NERC achieve this, and look forward to getting started."

NERC Chief Executive Professor Duncan Wingham said:

"The work of the Science & Innovation Strategy Board plays an important role in ensuring the UK maintains its position as a world leader in environmental science. I would like to thank SISB's outgoing Chair, Professor Philip England, for his strong leadership and insight. I am delighted that Professor Angela Hatton has agreed to be the new Chair of SISB. She will bring an enormous wealth of experience and expertise to the role, and I look forward to working with her over the coming years."