NERC's new strategy

4 November 2013

NERC's new strategy, 'The Business of the Environment', is published today. The document marks a new strategic direction and approach, and working in partnership is fundamental to its delivery.

As well as recognising the value of long-term and discovery science, the strategy addresses the great challenges facing society - natural resources, resilience to environmental hazards, and managing environmental change.

NERC will fund excellent, peer-reviewed science that helps us understand our planet and manage our environment responsibly. We will foster UK and international partnerships to address the challenges and opportunities of managing the environment, and to make sure the knowledge we generate can drive UK innovation, economic growth and societal wellbeing.

The strategy will be presented at an event this evening which will showcase the value of NERC research in supporting economic growth and provide an opportunity for discussion between members of the research, business and policy communities.

The Business of the Environment can be downloaded from our publications section.