Joint Capital Advisory Group appointments

03 November 2016

NERC has appointed four new members to its Joint Capital Advisory Group (JCAG) to replace those who have completed their term. The new members are:

  • Dr Isabelle Durance, Cardiff University
  • Professor Rob MacKenzie, University of Birmingham
  • Dr Katherine Royse, British Geological Survey
  • Dr Mike Salter, AB Agri

NERC has also appointed a new JCAG chair, Professor Steve Banwart of the University of Leeds, who has served as a JCAG member since 2014 and will be taking over from Professor Mike Kendall of the University of Bristol. Professor Kendall has been the JCAG chair from 2014 and is thanked on behalf of NERC for his commitment and invaluable contributions to JCAG since its inception.

JCAG is a key part of the NERC capital funding model that helps to identify and advise NERC on existing and new capital priorities. JCAG has been set up to identify potential capital priorities that align across all NERC funding streams and are aligned with NERC's strategic priorities.

JCAG is formed of representatives from NERC's key advisory boards including the Science Board (SB), the Strategic Programme Advisory Group (SPAG), the Training Advisory Board (TAB) and the Innovation Advisory Board (IAB); it also includes representatives from higher education institutions and research centres.

Members are experts in their area of environmental science or profession and are committed to solving real-world problems through environmental science. As such they are well-placed to recognise emerging ideas and opportunities across all of the NERC remit and to make judgements across a range of scientific, strategic and policy issues.

JCAG members are appointed for one year in the first instance, with the possibility that membership will be extended for up to a further two years.

Further information

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