New publication highlights the benefits of NERC-funded science

24 June 2015

Great science for a great futureThe research NERC has supported since its formation in 1965 has created innumerable benefits in the UK and beyond - making us more resilient to natural disasters, helping us use natural resources responsibly, increasing wellbeing and supporting economic growth.

If we are to flourish as the environment changes, NERC's work as the driving force behind investment in UK environmental science has never been more critical.

As part of our activities to mark our 50th anniversary, NERC has produced Great science for a great future, a publication outlining just a few of the impacts of the research we support. These include:

  • defending people and property from floods
  • supporting international agreements to protect the ozone layer from human emissions
  • protecting the UK's peregrine falcons from poisonous pesticides
  • underpinning efforts to reduce air pollution and deal with problems like acid rain and nitrogen deposition
  • developing innovative new products that control harmful crop pests without harming the wider environment.

NERC continues to work in partnership with business, government and the research community to ensure that the science it funds supports the UK's ambitions for growth and resilience in a changing world.