NERC reviews Earth observation national capability services

19 March 2018

NERC recently completed a review of its Earth observation portfolio of services and facilities including the:

  • NERC Earth Observation Data Acquisition & Analysis Service (NEODAAS) Dundee Satellite Receiving Station
  • NEODAAS Remote Sensing Data Analysis Service
  • Field Spectroscopy Facility
  • NERC Airborne Research Facility

The review considered a number of elements focused on user demand, accessibility of services elsewhere in the UK and user needs. Based on this review, which included consultation with stakeholders and community experts, NERC will cease to fund the NEODAAS Dundee Satellite Receiving Station and the NERC Airborne Research Facility.

The Field Spectroscopy Facility and NEODAAS Remote Sensing Data Analysis Service will be commissioned for a five-year period starting 1 April 2019.

Periodic reviews of the NERC services and facilities ensure funds continue to be reinvested where required and that NERC funding supports the existing community needs.

There are NERC staff employed in these areas and we will actively seek to avoid any job losses. Environmental researchers that currently receive funding across the NERC portfolio will continue to access support via the grant process utilising existing UK and international suppliers. Current NERC grant holders with existing agreements to use these facilities should contact NERC to discuss future arrangements and the options available for them.

This does not change funding arrangements for the Facility for Airborne Atmospheric Measurements (FAAM).


Amber Vater
Head of Science Facilities & Data