Continued UK membership of IIASA, and Co-Investigator eligibility for IIASA

UK membership of IIASA

The three UKRI councils, NERC, ESRC and EPSRC are pleased to confirm funding for a further five years of the UK membership of the International Institute of Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA).

IIASA is an international research institute of outstanding reputation that produces world-class research. Their interdisciplinary research focuses on finding solutions to the complex, interconnected global problems confronting humanity, ranging from achieving global food security to transitioning to sustainable energy systems.

UKRI has placed a solution-focused approach at the heart of its strategy to increase interdisciplinary challenge led research. To do this requires the UK research base increases its capability in big data and systems analysis - one of the few research tools with the breadth and depth to explore complex problems across multiple sectors, countries, and timeframes.

UK membership, in line with its original aims, has already resulted in an increase in UK-IIASA research links, contributing to the development of the UK capacity in integrated assessment modelling. In addition, NERC has launched the NERC-IIASA joint research fellowships scheme, which will help create UK experts in applied systems analysis. These fellows will help spread this expertise further amongst their own research groups and students in the UK.   

“UKRI welcomes the strong links that have been built with IIASA over the first five years of UK membership and looks forward to continuing a productive relationship over the next five years. The ESRC, EPSRC, and NERC, are keen to facilitate even greater interactions between UK and IIASA researchers.” said Duncan Wingham, Executive Chair of NERC and IIASA Council member for the UK.

IIASA Director General and CEO Albert van Jaarsveld commented on the UK’s decision to continue their IIASA membership, saying: “We are delighted that the UK, a world leader in science, has decided to continue their membership of the institute. Although significant collaboration already exists between IIASA and UK researchers, membership facilitates greater research cooperation, not just between IIASA and the UK, but with researchers from all member countries, thus resulting in wider collaboration and higher-quality research outputs on all sides.”

IIASA Co-I Eligibility

NERC, ESRC and EPSRC are keen to see even greater interactions between UK and IIASA researchers to maximise benefits of UK membership. For this reason they have collectively agreed to allow IIASA researchers to apply for funding from them as Co-Investigators on UK led proposals.

This will be on the following basis, which is in line with the existing ESRC International Co-Investigator policy (under which IIASA can already apply to ESRC);

  • Eligibility applies to NERC, ESRC & EPSRC programmes (exclusions apply1)
  • IIASA Co-Is can request a maximum of 30% of the full economic cost (FEC) of the grant application (NB not 30% of the maximum grant size by scheme) 
  • IIASA will be paid at 100% of the justified direct costs
  • Eligible costs are as follows;
    • IIASA co-investigator salaries
    • Directly incurred (DI) costs (e.g. Travel & Subsistence, consumables)
    • IIASA Research Assistants
  • Ineligible costs are;
    • Estates and other indirect costs
    • Capital costs
    • Equipment over £10k (anything under £10k can be requested under DI costs)


Full guidance will be published on each council’s web pages (see below) and in specific call documentation as required.

IIASA eligibility will apply to calls announced after 1 January 2020, in line with the new funding for UK Membership of IIASA.

NERC website
ESRC website
EPSRC website


IIASA is an international scientific institute that conducts research into the critical issues of global environmental, economic, technological, and social change that we face in the twenty-first century. Their findings provide valuable options to policy makers to shape the future of our changing world. IIASA is independent and funded by scientific institutions in Africa, the Americas, Asia, Europe, and Oceania.

IIASA's twenty-two National Member Organisations represent the scholarly community in the following countries: Austria, Brazil, China, Egypt, Finland, Germany, India, Indonesia, Iran, Israel, Japan, Republic of Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, Norway, Russian Federation, South Africa, Sweden, Ukraine, UK, USA, and Vietnam.

1 For example, fellowships do not usually allow the inclusion of co-investigators. Please refer to the call specific guidance on other calls to determine whether IIASA co-investigators can be included.