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Tallest trees in rainforests could die of thirst, NERC-funded study finds

Droughts could kill off the tallest trees in tropical rainforests, raising the Earth's carbon dioxide levels in the coming decades, a study suggests.

23 Nov 2015

The Nurse review - Ensuring a successful UK research endeavour

An independent review of the UK Research Councils, led by Sir Paul Nurse, is published today.

19 Nov 2015

First study showing pesticide exposure can affect crop pollination by bees

A new study shows neonicotinoid pesticide exposure impairs the pollination services provided by bumblebees.

18 Nov 2015

UK-India research gets bigger and better, with joint investment at more than £200 million

The value of investment in joint UK-India research from the UK research councils, the government of India, and third parties now exceeds £200 million, following a £72 million boost to the portfolio during 2015.

13 Nov 2015

Europe's first farmers exploited honeybees

Neolithic people were harvesting from honeybee nests at least 8,500 years ago, researchers have discovered.

12 Nov 2015

NERC invests £8m in research into elements crucial for developing low-carbon technologies

NERC is investing just over £8m in research to ensure we have access to elements needed for a variety of environmental technologies that will provide cleaner energy and more efficient energy usage.

10 Nov 2015

NERC funds scientists to research El Niño fires in Indonesia

NERC has awarded scientists at King's College London around £55,000 to use drones to measure how wildfires currently raging in Indonesia, made worse by El Niño, affect the atmosphere.

9 Nov 2015

£20m research programme will deepen understanding of Africa's changing climate

A UK government-funded initiative will put £20m behind leading-edge research to better understand Africa's changing climate and the use of climate change information in decision making across the continent.

28 Oct 2015

First highlight topic projects funded

NERC is pleased to announce the first projects funded under the highlight topics route - one of our new ways of funding strategic research.

26 Oct 2015

BAS wins bronze Athena SWAN award for tackling gender inequality

NERC is proud to announce that its research centre the British Antarctic Survey has been awarded a bronze Athena SWAN award in recognition of its work to promote gender equality in higher education.

19 Oct 2015