Metabolite identification with the Q Exactive and LTQ Orbitrap - April 2019

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4-5 April 2019 (Thursday - Friday)
Birmingham Metabolomics Training Centre, School of Biosciences, University of Birmingham

 This event has now closed 

This two-day course provided a hands-on approach to teach the attendees about the latest techniques and tools available to perform metabolite identification in non-targeted metabolomics studies.

The course was led by experts working within the fields of metabolomics and chemical analysis and included a significant proportion of hands-on experience of using mass spectrometers, software tools and databases. A maximum of four people worked on each mass spectrometer in a session. These tools will be applied on the Q Exactive and LTQ-Orbitrap family of mass spectrometers.

Topics covered:

  • importance of mass spectral interpretation
  • types of data which can be collected on the QE and LTQ-Orbitrap (m/z, retention time, MS/MS, MSn)
  • conversion of raw data to molecular formula and putative metabolite annotations
  • MS/MS experiments in metabolic phenotyping for on-line data acquisition using the QE (DDA, DIA, all-ion)
  • MS/MS and MSn experiments for sample fractions using the LTQ-Orbitrap
  • mass spectral libraries (using mzCloud)
  • searching mass spectral libraries
  • tools for mass spectral interpretation
  • reporting standards for metabolite identification
  • question and answer session with the experts.

This course was free, including travel and accommodation, for PhD students and selected post-doctoral researchers funded by NERC (subject to availability).

For further information, please visit University of Birmingham website - external link or contact .