Aquaculture Research Collaborative Hub UK finfish and shellfish microbiome workshop

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22-23 November 2018

 This event has now closed 

The microbiome is directly relevant to shellfish and finfish nutrition and health; more recently it has been recognised to have a fundamental role in many other aspects of aquaculture. This has fuelled a significant increase in recent research activity in this field, particularly in how the microbiome is both affected and manipulated by environmental factors.

This Aquaculture Research Collaborative Hub UK (ARCH-UK) workshop was a platform to present the current status of UK aquaculture microbiota research as well as an opportunity to showcase young talent within this research area. A core activity was networking and knowledge exchange between key research areas relating to both fish and shellfish aquaculture, finding potential future areas for collaborative research.

For more information, please see the ARCH-UK website - external link.