ERA4CS Additional Activity - Climate Services - Synergies, Gaps and Challenges workshop

Energy for a low carbon future

2-3 February 2017
Brussels, Belgium

 This event has now closed 

NERC, in partnership with the Environment Protection Agency (EPA) Ireland, and the Ministry of Education, Universities & Research (MIUR) Italy, held an interactive workshop that explored potential synergistic research and innovation opportunities and engaged participants in identifying and putting forward knowledge and evidence gaps in climate service research and innovation.

The workshop was held as part of an additional activity of the European Research Area for Climate Services (ERA4CS) conducting a synergy and mismatch analysis of climate services research and innovation. Information gathered at this workshop will inform the further development of this European-wide analysis and is intended to inform the forging of a common vision on research and innovation for climate services that could be implemented by the different national, European and international funders and performers.

To date, ERA4CS additional activities have looked at climate services research, activities and initiatives that:

  • have been undertaken by JPI Climate
  • are being done at the national level
  • are being carried out at a European and international level.

Initial analysis was presented at the workshop and used to inform the workshop deliberations.

The workshop

The workshop aimed to draw on the information and initial analysis completed to date on the identified gaps, synergies and redundancies in climate services research and innovation. It provided participants (researchers to practitioners from the climate service community) with an opportunity to clarify and better understand the challenges, where there are synergies, and to identify and explore knowledge and evidence gaps.

Workshop agenda (PDF, 110KB)

Workshop report (PDF, 591KB)


Background to the ERA4CS and the JPI Climate SRIA (Andrea Sharpe, on behalf of Patrick Monfray) (PDF, 325KB)

European Research and Innovation Roadmap for Climate Services (Roger Street) (PDF, 525KB)

Examples of initial analysis of the evidence (Roger Street) (PDF, 150KB)

Climate, Changed: Research and innovation challenges from a DG-RTD perspective (Diogo de Gusmão-Sørensen) (PDF, 399KB)

Market Research for a Climate Service Observatory (MARCO) (Thanh-Tâm Lê) (PDF, 711KB)

Sector Engagement for C3S: Translating European User Requirements (SECTEUR) (Sally Stephens on behalf of Maria Noguer). (PDF, 623KB)


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