NERC capital workshop: Strategic investment in catchment observations

Houses surrounded by flooding

8 November 2018 (Thursday)
Central London

 This event has now closed 

NERC scoped the potential for scalable strategic capital investment to improve:

  • catchment-scale measures of the amount and movement of water which, at extremes, can lead to flooding or drought
  • in this context, automated data collection, transfers, processing and assimilation.

The workshop aimed to bring together representation from the meteorological, hydrological and other research communities to identify emerging and cutting-edge technologies that could deliver a step change in our understanding of atmosphere, surface and subsurface water dynamics, and the connections between them.

Following review of the outputs from a community workshop held in November 2017, NERC sought to scope out potential investment options. The workshop focused on the infrastructure needed to enable a better understanding of the hydrological, meteorological, hydrogeological and geomorphological processes leading to the occurrence, duration and severity of floods and droughts.

This scoping for a scalable strategic capital investment has emerged from previous NERC capital consultation activities and as part of the development of NERC research and innovation priorities within UK Research & Innovation. It sits within an emerging priority area around new ways of monitoring in a digitally connected environment.

The registration closed 16:00 on 18 October 2018.

With limited space available, NERC selected participants from those who applied to ensure an appropriate balance of expertise and institutional representation. Applicants were advised on whether their application was successful by 26 October 2018.

For further details, please contact:

Bethany Adams
07864 604759