Multiple biofluid and tissue types, from sample preparation to analysis strategies for metabolomics - September 2019

Study meeting

25-27 September 2019 (Wednesday - Friday)
Birmingham Metabolomics Training Centre, School of Biosciences, University of Birmingham

This three-day course provides a theoretical overview and hands-on training to apply multiple sample preparation and UPLC-MS methods to characterise the metabolomes of complex biological samples using the mass spectrometer (Xevo QToF G2-XS - a maximum of four people working on the instrument in a session).

The course is led by experts in the field who have experience of the analysis of microbial, plant and mammalian samples, and illustrates the different approaches that are available to analyse a range of biological samples and applying complementary liquid chromatography approaches to maximise the coverage of the metabolome.

Topics covered:

  • introduction to dealing with the complexity of biological samples using UPLC-MS
  • overview of different sample collection, sample quenching and sample extraction methods
  • the challenges of working with cellular and tissue samples
  • overview of different UPLC methods including HILIC and reversed phase methods
  • hands-on sample preparation of plasma, urine, cell and tissue samples
  • monophasic and biphasic solvent extraction methods to target polar and non-polar metabolites
  • SPE and liquid-liquid sample clean-up methods
  • hands-on HILIC and reversed-phase liquid chromatography
  • hands-on UPLC-MS analysis for untargeted studies (maximum of four people)
  • overview of data analysis and metabolite identification
  • problem solving and tips and tricks session with the experts.

This course is free, including travel and accommodation, for PhD students and selected post-doctoral researchers funded by NERC (subject to availability).

How to apply

For further information and registration details, please visit University of Birmingham website - external link or contact .