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Operation Earth

Operation Earth is an ongoing series of hands-on activities, experiments, public shows and meet-the-expert sessions for children and families, in 11 UK science centres. Find out what events are going on near you at the Operation Earth website - external link.

Other upcoming NERC-run and NERC-sponsored events:

September 2019

10 Sep 2019

NERC Fellows Workshop


This invitation-only workshop will involve half a day of training / networking with other fellows and half a day of ideas process workshops - developing the next big scientific questions.

25-27 Sep 2019

Multiple biofluid and tissue types, from sample preparation to analysis strategies for metabolomics


This three-day course provides a theoretical overview and hands-on training to apply multiple sample preparation and UPLC-MS methods to characterise the metabolomes of complex biological samples using the mass spectrometer (Xevo QToF G2-XS - a maximum of 4 people working on the instrument in a session).

October 2019

9-11 Oct 2019

Introduction to Metabolomics for the Microbiologist


This three-day course introduces how untargeted metabolomics can be applied to study microbial systems in academic and industrial research. The course provides an overview of the metabolomics pipeline, experimental design, sample preparation and data acquisition.

15 Oct 2019

Consultation event for NERC's public engagement with research strategy


As part of listening to our communities on the new public engagement with research strategy, NERC will run this event to get feedback and understand how we can work with our partners to achieve the strategy. The event will also celebrate research that has successfully demonstrated purposeful engagement in the research community.


6-8 Nov 2019

Metabolomics with the Q Exactive


This three-day course introduces you to using the Q Exactive mass spectrometer in your metabolomics investigations. The course is led by experts in the field of metabolomics and includes lectures, laboratory sessions and computer workshops to provide a detailed overview of the metabolomics pipeline applying the Q Exactive mass spectrometer.

20-21 Nov 2019

Metabolite identification with the Q Exactive and LTQ Orbitrap


This two-day course will provide a hands-on approach to teach the attendees about the latest techniques and tools available to perform metabolite identification in non-targeted metabolomics studies. The course will be led by experts working within the fields of metabolomics and chemical analysis and will include a significant proportion of hands-on experience of using mass spectrometers, software tools and databases.

An archive of recent events is also available.