RRS Discovery

Discovery passing through Tower Bridge

To celebrate 50 years of the Natural Environment Research Council, RRS Discovery moored up in London from 6-12 October 2015.

In an extremely rare event, the Royal Research Ship Discovery - external link visited London for a series of events, leaving its usual base at the National Oceanography Centre in Southampton. Travelling up the Thames and under Tower Bridge, the ship moored alongside HMS Belfast for seven days. Visitors from science, industry, government, business and members of the public boarded the ship for a range of events and tours. Activities to celebrate the 50th Anniversary are still going on around the UK as part of our Summer of Science.

Watch our video of the Discovery's voyage in London:

Subtitles (closed captions) are available once the video is playing.

From flooding to biodiversity to infrastructure, the work of NERC researchers has helped to make the UK a leader in environmental science. Our ship, the Discovery, travels the world's oceans so that impartial research can help shape the international understanding of our changing planet.

The oceans and their role were debated in the Battle of Ideas 2015 - external link - you can listen to the arguments and make your own mind up!

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View the events archive to find out more about the events that happened onboard the Discovery.

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