Business case studies

NERC-funded science is benefitting a wide variety of businesses, often as a direct result of collaborations between a business and NERC researchers. The case studies below provide examples of such collaboration and the outcomes for business.

Transforming the insurance industry

Image of flooded streetA 5% reduction in average insured losses from storms alone would save the insurance industry up to £130 million a year. NERC's catastrophe weather modelling is being used in reinsurance models to prevent the unexpected accumulation of risk.

Marine renewables - commercial and environmental success

Image of marine turbineNERC-funded researchers have contributed to demonstrating the environmental sustainability of SeaGen in Strangford Lough - a vital step towards proving the commercial viability of new tidal energy technology.

Green pesticide

Image of farmer picking potatoesResearchers identified the potential of a fungus as a 'green' pesticide that could save millions of pounds in damaged crops and prevent environmental damage. It has been licensed and is being sold by a biotechnology firm.

Cloud research and aircraft fuel systems

Image of plane landingResearch on cloud formation led scientists to help aircraft engineers understand how droplets of 'supercooled' water in jet fuel can cause ice to form in aircraft engines. Though rare, ice can cause engine failure. Knowledge from this research provided Airbus Operations with new insights and research for application to aviation safety.