Food systems

Bee on yellow rape flower

The issue

The scale of the challenges businesses, policymakers and society face to achieve sustainable food production continues to require innovative, interdisciplinary thinking, and collaborative working between researchers and the private, public and third sectors. Climate variability, water quality, fertiliser and agri-chemical use are just some of the challenges that impact both terrestrial and marine food production systems, affecting both their environmental sustainability and economic viability.

NERC is working closely with businesses, their global supply chains, and relevant policymakers and regulators to ensure the concerns and key challenges of the agri-food sector are properly identified and disseminated to the research community. Furthermore, NERC is facilitating access to expertise, knowledge, and facilities to help deliver innovative approaches to addressing sustainability challenges. In doing so, NERC will strengthen the research community to underpin the long-term needs of the sector through research, knowledge exchange, research translation, and the provision of training.

Who should be interested?

Food producers, retailers, environmental consultants, trade associations and government departments.

Current activities


Lisa Bettington
Senior Programme Manager (Innovation)