Digital Solutions Pre-announcement

NERC will shortly be inviting applications to lead and deliver a programme that will exploit environmental and other data to create innovative digital services that deliver economic, societal and environmental benefits.

The Digital Solutions programme will aim to deliver broad, lasting impact through the delivery of economic and societal benefits from data held both by NERC and third parties. To achieve this the programme holder will work closely with stakeholders across the non-academic community in order to generate a step-change in the availability and usefulness of data products to users, allowing them to readily exploit this information. The programme will take a collaborative approach towards:


• Facilitating the acquisition of environmental and multi-disciplinary datasets

• Delivering impact, both in policy, economic and societal terms from the use of data


Expected AO release: Mid/Late September 2019

Expected outline proposal deadline: Mid-November 2019

Expected full Proposal deadline: Mid-February 2020

Expected programme planning stage: August 2020 

Expected full programme start date: May 2021