Innovative monitoring approaches for infrastructure, oil & gas and offshore renewable energy funding call

Montage of motorway, oil rig and offshore wind turbine

Please note the closing date for outline proposals has now passed. Only applicants successful at the outline stage are eligible to submit full proposals.

Full proposal closing date: 28 September 2017

NERC is inviting proposals for innovation projects focused on developing innovative monitoring approaches for the infrastructure, oil & gas and offshore renewable energy sectors.

Projects should be challenge-led, focusing on the application of existing environmental science monitoring capabilities and expertise (eg technologies, techniques and tools for measuring and modelling, deployment and interpretation).

Projects should tackle industry, policy, regulator or other relevant end-user defined challenges and opportunities within the infrastructure, oil & gas and offshore renewable energy sectors. Challenges and opportunities within these sectors are often similar; however different sectors may use different approaches or techniques. Proposals which address challenges across these sectoral boundaries, or which transfer approaches across sectors, are encouraged.

All proposals must involve an 'end-user' project partner or partners (ie private, public or third sector organisations or institutions, private industry, public bodies (such as government departments, local government, regulatory authorities), non-government organisations or charities).

NERC will invest up to £3·5 million in this call. Projects may be feasibility studies (up to six months) or innovation projects (up to 18 months). The maximum that can be applied for per project is £350,000 (at 80% full economic cost). Projects are expected to start on 1 January 2018.

Brokerage events

Two brokerage events were held on 26 April 2017 in Edinburgh and 5 May 2017 in Southampton, for potential applicants to learn more about the funding call and to network and develop ideas for related innovation projects.

Further information

Details on how to submit a full proposal can be found in the guidance document and annexes below.

Innovative monitoring approaches - Guidance for submitting a full proposal (PDF, 804KB)

Annex 1: Challenges and opportunities for the infrastructure, oil and gas, and offshore renewable energy sectors (PDF, 388KB)

Annex 2: Guidance for project partners (PDF, 528KB)

Annex 3: Full proposal submission - Je-S guidance for applicants (PDF, 444KB)

Annex 4: Full proposal submission - case for support template (Word, 41KB)


For further details please contact:

Michelle Truman
Senior Programme Manager (Innovation)
07738 121108