IPOG news

NERC appoints coordination team for Innovation Programme Oil and Gas

25 Apr 2019

NERC has appointed a multi-disciplinary team to coordinate the Innovation Programme in Oil and Gas.

Design for Decommissioning: Opportunities for marine science workshop

Closing date: 16 Feb

19 Jan 2018

A workshop was being held on 6 March 2018 at Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh, to bring together academic researchers and industry to discuss the potential challenges and opportunities for integrating marine science at the design stage of offshore structures to enable better environmental management.

Innovative monitoring approaches for infrastructure, oil & gas and offshore renewable energy funding call

Closing date: 28 Sep

17 Feb 2017

NERC is inviting proposals for innovation projects focused on developing innovative monitoring approaches for the infrastructure, oil & gas and offshore renewable energy sectors.

Oil & gas decommissioning funding call

Closing date: 6 Jun

13 Jul 2016

As part of the Oil & Gas Innovation Programme, NERC invites applicants to participate in a one-day interactive brokerage event on decommissioning and its environmental management, with the ultimate aim of funding up to six research translation projects.