researchfish logoResearch outcomes collection operates on a cross-council basis, through a common system, Researchfish® - external link -. As part of the move to Researchfish, research councils have agreed a common question set, which covers outcome types for all disciplines, a new set of principles of use for data sharing, and the migration of selected historic outputs information (chiefly journal publications).

Principal Investigators (PI) may enter their data at any time, or give delegate access to colleagues to do so. However, outcomes can only be completed and signed off as 'submitted' by PIs themselves during an annual submission period.

Output and Performance Metrics (OPMs) are important for efficient evaluation of NERC research; valuable for NERC's strategic planning and essential in reporting to government on the return from its investment in research base, ie in creating a competitive advantage for the UK economy and in improving wellbeing for the public. Reliable and usable metrics require near 100% reporting compliance. Hence, we will monitor submissions closely and reserve the option of applying sanctions.

For enquiries about outcomes collection please contact the UKRI shared support service at .

For NERC-specific issues contact:

Pam Parry
NERC Process Manager - Performance Data
01793 411522

Gateway to Research (GtR)

Gateway to Research - external link - is a portal through which anyone can find and analyse information about research funded by the seven research councils and Innovate UK (formerly the Technology Strategy Board).

It enables businesses and other interested parties to identify potential partners in universities to develop and commercialise knowledge, and maximise the impact of publicly funded research. GtR also gives the public better access to information on research funded by the research councils, including who and what is funded, and the outcomes and outputs of that funding.

The website is open and free for all to use and has been developed using open source, open standards and an Open Government Licence (OGL) so the code can be reused by third parties.

The GtR website was developed by Research Councils UK as part of the Innovation & Research Strategy of the government's Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy.

Other reports

Some grant schemes may require that other reports be made to NERC; in these cases Principal Investigators will be advised what is required.

A Final Expenditure Statement is required for all NERC grants and fellowships within three months of the end date. This requirement is unchanged and applies to all lead and component grants.