Radioactivity & the Environment Knowledge Exchange Fellowship

Call closed on 17 April 2018

NERC, the Environment Agency (EA) and Radioactive Waste Management (RWM) wish to appoint a Knowledge Exchange (KE) Fellow for the Radioactivity & the Environment (RATE) programme. This is an exciting opportunity to become a NERC KE Fellow focused on gaining impact from the excellent science outputs from the RATE programme. The purpose of this fellowship is to generate impact from RATE science, accelerating and amplifying economic impact and improvements in quality of life by working with business, civil society organisations and government bodies. The fellow will do this by sharing and enabling a flow of knowledge and expertise between NERC funded researchers and user communities.

Applications are welcomed on a full or part-time basis (between 60% and 100% full time equivalent). Ideally the fellowship will commence summer 2018 with a duration of two years. Funding up to a maximum cost of £70,000 at 80% full economic cost per annum is available for this fellowship. Any career stage and salary level may apply, with the expectations of achievement adjusted accordingly.


The RATE programme is a strategic research investment led by NERC with co-funding from the EA and RWM. The overarching aim of the RATE programme has been to build UK capacity in radioactivity and the environment and conduct world class research that makes a major contribution to the understanding of environmental protection and safeguarding of human health from releases of radioactivity from nuclear power plants, waste repositories and legacy-contaminated sites, as well as natural radiation.

Scope of the fellowship

The aim of the fellowship is to maximise impact from the RATE programme, accelerating and amplifying economic impact and improvements in quality of life. This will be achieved by working with business, civil society organisations and government bodies and through collaborative working with the individual research consortia (until research consortia reach completion) and the RATE Science Coordination Team (SCT). The focus is on:

  • communication and application of the science delivered from the RATE research programme to a variety of users, including policymakers, government agencies and industry
  • building on the legacy of RATE by fostering collaborative working both nationally and internationally to ensure the science can have the greatest impact
  • sharing of best practice across the research consortia in areas such as data integration, methodology and policy linkage
  • linking and drawing upon the common areas of the research consortia to use RATE as the lens through which to focus lessons for further research on radioactivity and the environment.

Supporting documentation

Radioactivity & the Environment Announcement of Opportunity (PDF, 224KB)


For further information on the KE Fellowship scheme or the application process:

Lynne Porter
Senior Programme Manager - Innovation
01793 411791

For further information on RATE:

Julie Goulding
Programme Manager - Research
07864 948055

Jo Wragg
RATE Science Coordinator
0115 936 3069