Call for Directed Knowledge Exchange (KE) Fellowships

Current calls

There are no open calls at present.

Directed Knowledge Exchange (KE) Fellowships work on a topic or with a business sector that the NERC community has identified as needing a dedicated person to accelerate the impact of NERC-funded science.

Eligibility for Directed KE Fellowships

KE Fellowships are based in the institution where their holders are employed. They are open to researchers at any stage of their career. KE Fellowships last for one to three years. Candidates can apply to spend between 20% and 80% of their time on the fellowship.

Applicants must be from a NERC research centre or a higher education institution in receipt of NERC-funded research. Applicants can be from a user or academic background, as long as the academic host institution will be their employer for the duration of the fellowship.

Directed KE Fellowships have their overheads paid to their host institution in the same way that Research Fellowships do. This is because Directed KE Fellows work across the NERC community and their host institution may not receive any direct benefit.

KE Fellows are invited to become part of the NERC Knowledge Exchange Network which meets twice a year. They are also offered mentoring in KE best practice and social science techniques if required.

Those shortlisted for interview will be asked to make a 10 minute presentation on how they would see the role developing, followed by 35 minutes of questions from a four-person panel. If you cannot attend on the interview date contact us at the time of application and we will try to accommodate you with another panel.


Please send an email to .