Funding across research councils

We work with other research councils at the boundaries of our remit to make sure that there are no gaps in funding and that proposals at the interfaces of traditional research disciplines are treated equally with proposals that fall well within research council remits.

Cross-Council Funding Agreement (CCFA)

All discovery science (responsive mode) grant proposals that extend beyond a single research council's remit will be assessed by peer reviewers from across the relevant research disciplines. Decisions will be made through a single council's peer review process, but any significant element within another council's remit will be funded by the council concerned.

Full details of the agreement can be found on the UKRI website - external link.

In the case of proposals submitted to NERC through the Je-S system that we feel extend into other council's remits, we will discuss the proposal with colleagues in the other research councils. We will agree which council will take the lead in reviewing the proposal and making the award if successful. Other councils will nominate reviewers and, if appropriate, may contribute funding.

In a small number of cases it may be agreed between councils that it would be more appropriate for a different council from that which received the proposal to take the lead in the assessment process and funding. Where this is the case the receiving council will inform applicants and provide contact details in the new lead council who can provide details on the next steps. The proposal would be rejected or withdrawn from the receiving council and submitted to the new lead council. In such cases the proposal will be processed by the lead council in accordance with the Cross-Council Funding Agreement.

Unsure which research council to submit to?

Applicants are encouraged to consult with the research councils at an early stage. An outline of the proposed research (up to two pages, including summary and objectives) can be sent into one of the councils via the relevant CCFA contact email address.

For NERC this is .

The CCFA contact email addresses for all research councils are available on the UKRI website - external link.

A form for sending in a remit enquiry to NERC is available below.

NERC remit query form (Word, 38KB)

Councils will discuss the outline and provide advice via email over the fit to the council remit or whether the full proposal should be submitted to another council. Applicants should allow sufficient time for their outline to be processed and bear in mind that councils have different closing dates for their schemes.