Evidence of training priority

Request for Evidence status: Only accepting extraordinary submissions. Please contact the NERC Talent & Skills Team () ahead of submission. Closing date: Ongoing

NERC is currently inviting evidence submissions from its community concerning priority areas of training need relevant to the environmental sciences. Further information, including how to submit evidence of training priority, is available below.


Decision-making concerning NERC's focused training investment, including Centres for Doctoral Training (CDTs), is informed by evidence submissions from the environmental research community and the end-users of NERC research.

NERC invites evidence submissions through Requests for Evidence which are held every three-five years, although evidence can be submitted at any time if an extraordinary and emergent training need is identified.

Evidence submissions are considered by the NERC Training Advisory Board (TAB), which uses this information to identify areas of high training priority suitable for CDT investment, in addition to providing broader recommendations to NERC on its future training investments such as short courses or internships.

Further information on how evidence submissions inform decision-making concerning NERC CDTs is available on the CDT Commissioning Framework page.

How to submit evidence of training priority

Reflecting the broad range of stakeholders in NERC-funded research, anyone may submit an evidence of training priority form.

Evidence of training priority can be submitted to NERC using the online registration form.

Only evidence submitted through this form will be considered by NERC. If you have any queries concerning this process, please contact the NERC Talent & Skills Team.

2017 Request for Evidence submissions

NERC completed a Request for Evidence in April 2017 and received 32 unique submissions. This evidence has been anonymised and is available in the document below. A new Request for Evidence will be held in three to five years' time but extraordinary submissions can be made before then.

This evidence was used by TAB at its June 2017 meeting to identify a shortlist of CDT topics and these will be considered in greater detail alongside complementary evidence relevant to each topic at the December 2017 TAB meeting to identify a topic for 2018 CDT investment.

Request for Evidence submissions (PDF, 771KB)

Evidence submission outside of Requests for Evidence

It is possible for evidence of training priority to be submitted to NERC at any time, should an extraordinary and emergent training priority be identified. If you wish to submit an extraordinary evidence submission, please contact the NERC Talent & Skills Team (), who will discuss your submission with you to determine whether it is appropriate for submission via this route.

Evidence submitted outside of a Request for Evidence will be considered by TAB at its following summer shortlisting meeting, typically held in June of each year. Please note, the cut-off for evidence to be considered at a summer meeting is April of that year.

Further information

For further information please contact:

NERC Talent & Skills Team