CDT Commissioning Framework

The focus of each NERC Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT) call is informed by the CDT Commissioning Framework. This framework is in place to ensure that all decision-making concerning NERC CDT focus areas continues to be robust and evidence-based, informed by a broad range of information and clearly linked with the objectives of the CDT programme. It also makes the process by which evidence submissions are considered for NERC training investment more transparent.

This framework ensures community evidence submissions considered by the NERC Training Advisory Board (TAB) for CDT investment are complemented by appropriate information concerning relevant, existing research and training investments as well as broader strategic and end-user priorities.

The key stages and features of the CDT commissioning framework are summarised below:

  1. The NERC community submits evidence of training priority through a Request for Evidence or as extraordinary submissions at any time.
  2. At its June meeting, TAB agrees a shortlist of areas of priority for CDT investment from these evidence submissions, to be discussed in detail at its December meeting.
  3. NERC collects supplementary information including existing training investment and feedback from other NERC advisory groups and boards for each shortlisted area of training priority.
  4. At its December meeting, TAB discusses the shortlisted topics complemented by appropriate evidence and advises NERC on the areas of priority for CDT investment.
  5. NERC prepares a CDT call(s) taking into account this advice.
  6. Stages 2-5 are repeated annually until TAB advises NERC to hold a new Request for Evidence in order to refresh the information available to inform their discussions. Requests for Evidence will take place every three to five years.

Further information concerning the CDT Commissioning Framework is available in the document below.

CDT Commissioning Framework overview (PDF, 130KB)

Submitting evidence of training priority to NERC

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