Centre for Doctoral Training 2018 call

Closing date (Outline proposals): 16:00 on 13 March 2018

Closing date (Full proposals): 31 July 2018

For 2018, NERC will align its Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT) investment with that of the Engineering & Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC). NERC is pleased to confirm co-investment up to £2·2 million through EPSRC's 2018 CDT call - external link in the area of renewable energy in support of CDTs working across the EPSRC/NERC interface. This investment equates to 24 notional studentships over three annual intakes (2019 to 2021). Applications outside of this particular priority area will also be considered on a case-by-case basis.

For further information on how to engage with this call, please see the EPSRC announcement of opportunity and priority area descriptions available on the call page.

Future funding opportunities

NERC is planning a future CDT call in 2019 in the area of digital and observation skills for Earth systems. Over the coming year we will be working to establish the skills gaps in this space and inform the scope of the 2019 call.

Background to NERC CDTs

NERC is developing a portfolio of CDTs to complement the Doctoral Training Partnerships scheme. CDTs support strategically targeted, focused PhD studentships aimed at addressing specific research and skills gaps identified by NERC, our partners and the wider community.

In October 2013, in recognition of the importance of focused training, NERC Council agreed additional funding for the NERC CDT portfolio to allow the establishment of at least one CDT per year.

The focus of each NERC CDT call is informed by the CDT commissioning framework. This framework is in place to ensure that decision-making concerning NERC CDT focus areas continues to be robust and evidence-based, informed by a broad range of evidence and clearly linked with the objectives of the CDT programme. It also makes the process by which evidence submissions are considered for CDT investment more transparent. Further information concerning the CDT commissioning framework is available on the commissioning framework page.

For further information about NERC CDTs, please contact .