Research centre training programme

To complement the training activities delivered through NERC doctoral programmes and standalone training schemes, the NERC research centres have developed a programme of training courses open to all NERC students, as well as early career researchers, within the NERC science remit.

Through this programme, the research centres are offering a wide range of training courses relevant to their expertise with the intention of supporting training with a low local, but high national, interest, to ensure that the training needs of UK researchers are met. These courses are organised and delivered throughout the year by the individual research centres and the programme of available courses will evolve and expand as new opportunities are developed. The information available here and through the individual research centre websites will be updated to reflect these changes.

Information concerning the currently available courses and how to apply is available within the NERC research centre training programme below.

NERC research centre postgraduate training course programme

Please note, NERC does not organise these courses, so any queries you may have concerning individual courses or application should be directed to the relevant research centre contact, as detailed within the programme handbook. For more general queries concerning the programme, please contact the NERC Talent & Skills Team .