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Regional Impact from Science of the Environment

Closing date: 21 Sep

31 Mar 2017

NERC invites research organisations with a strong and substantial portfolio of NERC funded research to apply through RISE calls for a five-year programme of activity. This was previously advertised as the Environmental Science Impact Programme (ESIP).

NERC Demand Management Review 2015-17

29 Mar 2017

NERC publishes a review of the impact of the demand management measures for standard grants.

Marine Integrated Autonomous Observing Systems Announcement of Opportunity

Closing date: 28 Jun

28 Mar 2017

Proposals are invited for a new research programme on improving understanding of shelf sea ecosystem function using integrated autonomous observing systems.

International Opportunities Fund - Announcement of Opportunity June 2017

Closing date: 6 Jun

21 Mar 2017

NERC is inviting proposals for Pump Priming and Pump Priming Plus grants to its International Opportunities Fund (IOF). The IOF scheme provides resources to NERC-supported researchers to allow them to forge long-term partnerships with overseas scientists that add value to current NERC-funded science.

GeoBus for the Security of Supply of Mineral Resources programme

16 Mar 2017

NERC is funding 'GeoBus' to support the engagement of industry and the public with the Security of Supply of Mineral Resources programme.

Third round of funded highlight topic projects announced

14 Mar 2017

NERC is pleased to announce the third set of projects funded under the highlight topics route - one of our ways of funding strategic research.

Cut-off for ideas for strategic research - 2017

13 Mar 2017

NERC invites the environmental science community to submit new ideas for strategic research. NERC is seeking ideas for research challenges that should be priorities for strategic research investment through strategic programme areas and highlight topics.

Announcement of Opportunity: Scoping group for enhancing resilience of UK peatlands

Closing date: 23 Mar

7 Mar 2017

NERC invites applications to join a scoping group that will develop the science case for a potential strategic research programme on enhancing resilience of UK peatlands.

Evidence of training priority

Closing date: 12 Apr

20 Feb 2017

NERC is inviting submissions from its community providing evidence of areas of training need. This information will inform postgraduate training investment.

Innovative monitoring approaches for infrastructure, oil & gas and offshore renewable energy funding call

Closing date: 28 Sep

17 Feb 2017

NERC is inviting proposals for innovation projects focused on developing innovative monitoring approaches for the infrastructure, oil & gas and offshore renewable energy sectors.