NERC environmental data centres - Future user needs survey

NERC will be commissioning its data centres and associated services in 2017. As part of this process, NERC conducted an evaluation of the current performance of the data centres in July 2016. NERC would now like to understand what future services are required from its data centres. NERC is therefore inviting users and potential users of its environmental data centres to take part in a survey to help us better understand their requirements for future services.

Results from the survey will form part of the evidence assessed by an independent expert review panel. The panel will provide recommendations to NERC to inform the commissioning of our ongoing data services in 2017.

NERC's data centres

NERC supports a network of five environmental data centres that provide expertise in the collection, management and dissemination of environmental data. The data centres and the discipline areas they support are:

  • British Oceanographic Data Centre (Marine)
  • Centre for Environmental Data Analysis[1] which includes:
    • British Atmospheric Data Centre (Atmospheric)
    • NERC Earth Observation Data Centre (Earth observation)
    • UK Solar System Data Centre (Solar and space physics)
  • Environmental Information Data Centre (Terrestrial and freshwater)
  • National Geoscience Data Centre (Geoscience)
  • Polar Data Centre (Polar and cryosphere)

A key role of each data centre is to take in, and maintain environmental data of long-term value, mainly (but not exclusively) generated from NERC funded activities, and to make these data available to a range of users. NERC provides a centralised online Data Catalogue Service, and each data centre provides a helpdesk and data discovery / analysis tools.

The survey

The survey is open to all users of the NERC environmental data centres and will be open until 16:00 on 6 December 2016.

To complete the Survey please follow the link to the NERC environmental data centres survey - external link.

Thank you in advance for your valued feedback.

If you have any queries regarding the completion or submission of this survey, please contact Kay Heuser at .

  1. The Centre for Environmental Data Analysis (CEDA) is run jointly with the Science & Technology Facilities Council.