Procedures, guidance and forms

NERC health and safety procedures set standards for the safe management of specific areas of work that help form the arrangements for health and safety within NERC. A procedure will normally include:

  • purpose and background (or introduction, aim and intent)
  • scope
  • requirements or procedure
  • roles and responsibilities
  • references, regulations, guidelines
  • attachments, appendices, annexes.

Procedure standards may be considered mandatory within NERC, although normally they do not lay down rigid solutions but rather set the direction required. Procedures may include a system flow diagram where this helps explain the process, a 'what might go wrong' section, and details of management, monitoring and auditing.

Please note these procedures are subject to periodic review and revision; it is not advisable to refer to printed copies for long periods without checking for updates.

NERC will also issue guidance to help users identify the preferred practice for dealing with a safety issue. Although this guidance is not mandatory, it is expected it will be followed unless there are better solutions in place or good reasons for taking an alternative approach.

Also on this page are forms (Word documents) that have been lifted from procedures and guidance to make them more easily available for anyone to use in their own assessments.