Health and safety

As part of United Kingdom Research and Innovation (UKRI) the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) aims to comply with the overarching UKRI H&S Policy.

To achieve this NERC has developed a set of H&S organisational and management arrangements, signed by the NERC Executive Chair. These detail the overall intent and arrangements in place to ensure effective health and safety within the organisation.

These arrangements apply to all activities undertaken by NERC and are supplemented by specific UKRI H&S Codes and NERC specific guidance which provide further direction to NERC research centres and Swindon Office. Research centres will set their own policies and procedures to ensure they are adhering to the overall UKRI & NERC H&S requirements.

Training courses

NERC Corporate Health and Safety training

Equipment pool

NERC maintains a central pool of health and safety equipment which can be made available to NERC and related research centre staff.

Safety management and contacts

The safety management group and Swindon Office contacts within NERC.