Health and safety

NERC is by law required to produce a policy for health and safety that is signed by the Executive Chair. This lays down the intent, organisation and arrangements that are in place to ensure health and safety within the organisation and for other parties who might be affected by our activities.

NERC Safety Policy (PDF, 618KB)

This policy applies to all activities undertaken by NERC. The policy is supplemented by procedures, guidance and forms which give further direction to research centres and Swindon Office on the necessary arrangements to ensure health and safety. Research centres will set their own policies and procedures to ensure they are adhering to the overall NERC procedures.

NERC's policy, procedures and guidance are on NERC's public website so that all collaborating organisations, external researchers making use of our facilities, and recipients of NERC funding are able to understand the standards and health and safety principles that NERC expects its own staff to follow.

Procedures, guidance & forms

NERC health and safety guides, forms and procedures.

Training courses

NERC provides health and safety training to its managers and directors.

Equipment pool

NERC maintains a central pool of health and safety equipment which can be made available to NERC and related research centre staff.

Safety management & contacts

The safety management group and Swindon Office contacts within NERC.