Demonstrating our effectiveness

We operate a performance management system, common to all the research councils, that ensures our priorities are aligned with government goals as well as our own.

Delivery Plan

The Delivery Plan is a medium-term (four-year) planning document that sets out the activities we will carry out to deliver our strategic priorities. We produce a new Delivery Plan for the start of each new government spending review period; our current Delivery Plan was produced in 2016 for the spending review period 2016-2020. It can be updated annually if there are major changes to NERC priorities.

Delivery Plans are available on the Reports page.


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Annual Impact Report

The Impact Report uses case studies and quantitative measures to demonstrate how NERC's world-leading science is translated into knowledge, expertise and skills that stimulate economic growth and improve societal wellbeing.

We report on our performance in five target areas: UK competitive advantage, UK policy leadership, improving UK business performance, transforming public services and delivering highly skilled people.

Impact Reports are available on the Reports page.


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