Environmental case studies

Improving NERC's carbon footprint

Some examples of environmental management projects across NERC.

Community apiary at the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology (CEH)

Bee hives at CEH EdinburghPollinating insects like bees are vital to crop production. CEH Edinburgh has invested in a community apiary of two bee colonies and four staff members have attended a beekeeping course. Two hives owned by local beekeepers are also set up on site.

Computer room heat reused

Computer room at BGSThe bespoke computer room at the British Geological Survey, Keyworth won the Building Research Establishment (BRE) Data Centre Award for 2012 for its recovery of waste heat and use of construction materials with very low environmental impact.

Measuring heat loss

NOCS - Thermal Image roof areas 1Thermal surveys at the National Oceanography Centre, Southampton have enabled us to take specific measures to reduce heat loss from the building, lowering emissions while maintaining a comfortable working environment.

Sea water cooling reduces energy use

NOC Southampton sea water cooling heat exchangerA unique sea-water cooling system at the National Oceanography Centre, Southampton uses sea water to help cool the central chiller plant for the building's air conditioning system. The water returns to the sea no more than 2°C warmer and reduces the chiller's electricity demand by c. 20% per annum.

Antarctic solar panels

Solar panels along the front of BAS Rothera buildingA four-minute shower at the British Antarctic Survey's Rothera Base produces roughly the same amount of CO2 as a seven-minute shower powered by a gas boiler at home. Solar panels and a thermal storage system that replaced the old hot-water system at Rothera should save 7·5 tonnes of CO2, and around 2,000 litres of diesel each year.