Business performance management

We carefully monitor progress towards our goals and adjust activities where needed. We collect evidence of performance in several different ways, including the review of progress in NERC strategic areas and evaluations.

As well as internal reporting we regularly report to the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy, to demonstrate that our investment of public funds us supporting UK economic growth, policymaking and societal wellbeing.

Strategic planning and management

NERC delivers its strategy through a series of interdependent processes that ensure we make the right investments to deliver our goals.

Demonstrating our effectiveness

NERC operates a performance management system, common to all the research councils, which ensures our priorities are aligned with government goals as well as our own.


Evaluations are a retrospective assessment of performance. They are one of a range of processes which tell us how well we and our investments are performing.


NERC works with its UKRI partners to deliver significant savings and efficient working practices.

Environmental management

NERC's environmental performance is monitored and managed by the Environmental Management Group (EMG).